Riding Intro Video Times 2

Disclaimer: Amazon affiliate links included near the bottom.

Due to copyright concerns, the tv clips were removed from the video.
Not because I “violated” copyright (though Fair Use doesn’t work the way I want it to, not even in this case), and not because the copyrighted element renders me ineligible to monetize the video.
No, I removed them because there were no fewer than four copyright holders represented by the original video (five if you count myself), and one such holder (represented by less than ten percent of the video at that) laid a claim to any and all ad revenue the video might generate. I’m all for revenue sharing if YouTube would use such a system, but BBC has no right to deny any of that revenue to the other three.
End update

Ah, an update that is long overdue, thanks to the fact that I didn’t actually start this particular site until well after so much other content was made.
(You’ll note a significant gap between this and earlier posts; those were migrated from my main site Side Quest Publications and retained original details like the date they were originally posted over there.)

And the update is simply that the riding intro video, along with many an actual riding video, is done and posted and all that fun stuff.

Care to take a peek?


Intro clips have been removed from the video (see update above) so you’ll have to check out the relevant episodes and try to guess at what scenes I used (or subscribe to my primary website Side Quest Publications so you’ll be notified when I write scene-specific reviews),
But the intro clips that were in there are from, in order:

  • Sleepy Hollow (Season 2, Episode 11 “The Akeda“) “Where do I buckle… maybe there’s a stable nearby”
  • Arrow (Season 1, Episode 4 “An Innocent Man“…. and I’ve been planning this video ever since I saw this particular clip, which makes the need to remove them even more disappointing 😦 ) “If you don’t drive me, who will” (cue riding past the chauffer)
  • Torchwood (Season 4 Miracle Day, Episode 6 “The Middle Men“) Kaboom!
  • Doctor Who (Reboot, obviously, Season/Series 7, Episode 6 “The Bells of St John“) “Did you even hear the words anti-grav?”
  • Back to bookend by finishing that Sleepy Hollow clip “I want one of these, as soon as this is over!”
  • And, of course, the surviving part of the video, which is me describing the purpose of the channel.

Now. there are some few clips I’d forgotten to include prior to making the video (Final Fantasy VII’s Cloud escaping Midgar) and some that weren’t available at the time I made it (any and all scenes in the Flash involving Leonard Snart on a motorcycle), so naturally they can’t be added in after the fact without uploading a whole new video. YouTube just doesn’t allow the sort of edits I’d need for anything else.
Plus there is the matter of copyright as per the update at the top.
But perhaps, once I begin writing scene-specific reviews, perhaps I can incorporate animated gifs or something of the sort into my primary website.

All clips taken from TV shows, with the exception of Sleepy Hollow, were ripped from my personal DVD collection. Sleepy Hollow required searching for the appropriate clip online.
The video of me, featuring my Honda GoldWing with training wheels 😉 (insta-trike or “poor man’s trike kit”) was recorded with my Fujifilm FinePix 70.

Other clips in the intro include a ride across the Mackinaw Bridge, and a visit to House on the Rock in Spring Green, Wisconsin.
Both of these videos were recorded with a Canon PowerShot A550 and can be found in full elsewhere on the same channel.
(Incidentally, I believe both of these were from the same trip, to the 2014 Wing Ding rally.)

And the whole video was put together and edited in Windows Movie Maker.

Clips from fictional worlds are, due to the copyright element mentioned previously, going to be limited to still shots (or possibly animated gifs) in scene-specific reviews on my main website and will most likely not appear on the channel itself.

“Celebrity sightings” are, at the time of this posting, only in the form of videos those very celebrities (John Barrowman, specifically) have posted to their own channels and which I’ve added to one of my playlists.
One of these days, though…. Dare to dream, right? 😉

Cameras used (affiliate links included):

As you can see, these cameras are older models and have been replaced my newer options… but if you prefer newer, there are plenty more to choose from.
And if you buy anything from these links, even a newer model–or if I can get enough subscribers and watch time to monetize my videos–then I can earn a small commission at no additional expense to you, to save towards getting better equipment for my videos, to pay off my student loan, or for any other expense I’ll inevitably find along the journey of life.

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