New Name for YouTube Channel

My motorcycle-centric YouTube channel has officially been renamed.

Once upon a time, back when everything I did online was all about the “Side Quest Publications” theme, the channel was called “Riding with Side Quest Publications.”
There was a method to my madness–Side Quest Publications (and variations thereof) was my online handle on many an art site, and, as far as the IRS is concerned, a sole proprietorship that publishes most if not all of my content.

A sole proprietorship that has made less than a dollar since I registered with the IRS over half a decade ago, but a business is a business, and at least this one doesn’t have much in the way of expenses. Well, doesn’t have many expenses as a business that I don’t also have as an individual. 😉

Now, however, due to space restrictions, I’ve had to pick a shorter name for certain websites. Namely, my travel-centric Instagram account, which received the name “Tamie’s Travels.”
And when I created this website here, which is meant to be a blend of the motorcycle-centric channel and the travel-centric Instagram (whenever I get around to posting new content 😉 ), I chose to go with the Tamie’s Travels name again.
And finally I decided…. if the three sites are related, why not give them all the same name? So now the motorcycle-centric channel is also Tamie’s Travels.

However, unless and until I create any other pages to sync with this site (FaceBook, Twitter, Tumblr), I do not anticipate any other “Tamie’s Travels” sites out there.
The only other major page this site links to is the deviantArt account for my original works, and since that includes writing samples and assorted photos that have absolutely nothing to do with traveling or motorcycles (as well as a few that do), that one remains Side Quest Publication. (Should be “Publications,” but there’s that space restriction again.)

The channel’s official intro and the clip at the beginning of most of the videos still says “Welcome to Riding with Side Quest Publications.”
At least until I get a new motorcycle….. then maybe I’ll see about recording a new intro on that. *fingers crossed*


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