Tech Goals: Better Camera!

(Disclaimer: Amazon Affiliate link to relevant products included near the bottom, and embedded YouTube video is ad-enabled.)

Sometimes a cheap point-and-shoot is more than sufficient for all the travel photos you want to take.

Sometimes, in the right lighting, it can take great photos:

Random roadside stop, Aug 2014

or a simple glitch can create interesting results:


House on the Rock, July 2014


Other times….. not so much.

Monster of the Deep, House on the Rock, 2014


I certainly want to practice my photography skills, but I can’t just ignore the fact that the tools I use for the job make a difference to the results.

But sometimes the best of the best really isn’t what I need…. can you imagine trying to record a motorcycle ride with a top-of-the-line DSLR? I don’t mean taking occasional photos when you’re off the bike, I mean recording the ride itself.
Well, maybe you can, but like one of my readers said: the best camera to take is the one you’ll use, and there is some gear that I just can’t see myself using for the purpose.


Nah. I have better cameras to work with than I did when I took those photos, now I just need to get out and practice and see just how much of a difference the tool really makes. And maybe some day I can go back to The House on the Rock with a camera that holds up a little better to the lighting….

Equipment used (affiliate link included):


4 responses to “Tech Goals: Better Camera!

  1. I used to take a DSLR away with me but I never used it has it was always packed securely so it was a pain. I read a while ago that the best camera to take was the one you’ll use. That’s very true.

    I now take a great little Olympus tough camera (TG2) which can be operated with gloves and I have it tethered to my tank bag – in case I drop it. I don’t like fixed cameras as you a stuck with one view. This way I have a lot of scope for photos although it can be a bit hit and miss when riding but with practice I’ve got pretty good.

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    • Oh, operating with gloves is a must!
      I never had trouble recording with the Canon, but my Fujifilm is so hard to hit that record button that I only use it for off-bike photography.

      As for fixed cameras…. I have a GoPro and a helmet mount now that I use for the rides (in fact, if you’re interested in checking out the YouTube channel, I have newer videos where I’m trying out different mounts) and I’d like to look into the types of sunglasses that have built in cameras. I love being able to record what I’m actually looking at.


      • To be honest I’ve not got into video much on the bike – I found that I had lots of video that I didn’t do anything with and no time/skill to edit them to make a more consumer-able product. Stills on the other hand are easy to identify the ones you like – straighten and crop and you’re done.

        The only thing I’ve added to my kit lately is a mini tripod for longer exposures etc.

        I’ll check out your other videos.


      • We seem to be opposites, then. Each to their own, right?

        I have a lot to learn about making and editing videos (and plenty of backlog that I need to do something with), but I’ve yet to get the hang of taking a decent photo from a moving vehicle.
        I hope to continue improving at both, but I find the video to be easier to deal with on the bike and the photos when I’m walking around…. my biggest limitation is the camera’s battery life.

        Thank ya much!


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