2014 Motor City Comic Con Slideshow

Just a sadly outdated upload of some random photos I took during the 25th annual Motor City Comic Con held at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, Mi.

First we have my two favorite souvenirs from the convention.
A hardcover copy of Hollow Earth by John and Carole Barrowman. Due to space restrictions, I rarely acquire print books these days, and especially pricier hardcovers; however, after thoroughly enjoying the digital version on my Kindle and realizing that I’d have the chance to meet John at the convention, I decided that a book was what I wanted most to have him sign, so I bought this one off Amazon for that exact purpose. I still need a chance to see Carole for her autograph, though.
And a Doctor Who themed pin. “We’re all stories in the end,” said the 11th Doctor, “so make it a good one.” I got this one for free from one of the vendors as a thank you for keeping her company while she waited in line to see John (mostly by discussing the aforementioned book).

Pity all I have from that moment was still photos; I totally missed recording John’s excitement when he saw what I wanted him to sign.

And from the “random photo” department, I took a photo of:

  • The Ecto 1 from Ghost Busters
  • A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume made entirely out of balloons
  • Assorted costumes worn by fellow attendees
  • And lots, and lots, and lots of Star Wars outfits and toys.
    Naturally this includes one photo op with Darth Vader, so my dad could “borrow” my camera to show off how short I am. 😉

And finally the video finishes off with the man I’d come to see to begin with (see previous point about Hollow Earth) and a photo of his autograph. That same photo now serves as the wallpaper on both my computer and my phone, only to be replaced when I acquire an autograph with a more inspirational quote…. preferably something related to my status as an amateur writer.

If you’d like to see what other photos I’ve posted of this trip, then please check out Tamie’s Travels on Instagram or the relevant gallery on Side Quest Publication on deviantArt. If you’d like to see any other travel photos or videos, then please subscribe to this site, either of those two accounts, or Tamie’s Travels on YouTube.

Tools used (Amazon associate links included where relevant)
A hardcover copy of Hollow Earth, of course!
Canon PowerShot A550 (I’ve acquired a newer camera since then).
Windows Movie Maker (no longer supported by Microsoft and I’ve not yet tried making videos with their newer software)
And the overlay music is the Creative Commons “Juicy” by Albis, available in YouTube’s own video library for just such purposes as this.

And now the belated disclaimer:
This post serves two purposes, both of which involve earning money.
One of those purposes is monetizing my YouTube channel. Due to recent changes in YouTube’s policies, a channel can only be part of their Partner Program (and thus eligible for monetizing) if it meets certain requirements involving traffic. Namely, the channel needs at least 1,000 subscribers total and 4,000 watch hours annually (we’re talking an average of 10 hours watched every single day). Though for the time being I’d settle for 100 subscribers just so I can get a custom URL–none of this “random letters and numbers” mess that makes up the current web address. In addition, there are certain tools I simply lack access to if I am not a YouTube Partner–linking any of my videos directly to a relevant article on here comes to mind.
While I do need to work harder on the “social” part of using social media, it is my hope that embedding my videos within my website will help increase the potential audience just a little bit.
The other purpose is this site’s affiliation with Amazon, vis a vis the above Associate link to the camera I used. If you buy that camera (or anything, really) via that link, then I earn a small commission on the sale that I can save towards getting better equipment to make my videos with, paying off my student loan, or any other expenses I’ll inevitably find along the journey of life.

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