En Route to Palm Springs

And my first time on an airplane since 1993.

Whew! 3 weeks after the workshop and I finally finished sorting through my photos so I can start uploading. Despite that (the compatibility with any software my cameras need and the possibility of uploading while away) being the reason I bought a Windows laptop to take on trips instead of sticking with my Android tablet. Go figure.

Anyway, here we simply have a sample of the flight from Grand Rapids, MI to Palm Springs, CA, complete with my first attempts at selfie videos with my short arms and no selfie stick. (I caved and bought a selfie stick my first day back to work. I prefer taking photos/videos of the surrounding area, and don’t normally take people pictures in the first place let alone pictures of myself, but if I’m going to do even these short “here I am at” check-in clips, the stick will come in handy.)


Perhaps you’d like to visit the Barrowman Writing Workshop playlist to see what else I’ve recorded along the way?

(Disclaimer: I have an ulterior motive for posting the video here and that’s that YouTube has changed their policy on what channels can be monetized. If I can get more views this way–and hopefully encourage people to subscribe to my channel as well–perhaps I can at least recover access to the partner-exclusive tools like linking to external sites from within the videos. Like, say, to this website right here. Though I wouldn’t object to earning revenue in the process.)

I recorded segments of the flight from Grand Rapids to Dallas/Fort Worth, but not from DFW to Palm Springs. Why? Because I didn’t have a window seat on the second flight, so while I was able to snag a few photos out the window, positioning myself for even an attempt at a decent video just wasn’t going to happen. Some other time, perhaps, as I continue to practice and hopefully learn to do better overall.

Below should be some of the photos I’d taken on the way to Palm Springs:


Stay tuned for the next article, which is about my experiences on the trip and some of the shenanigans that went on while I was there. 😉 Or visit my Instagram or YouTube channel (links in the sidebar as well as the embedded video and images) to see what other photos and videos I’ve taken along the way.

Tools used (Amazon affiliate link included where relevant):

  • Samsung Galaxy Note8 (the video on the plane)
  • Windows Movie Maker (yeah, yeah, so Windows 10 has a feature that will do the same; one of these days I’ll actually start playing with that program)
  • Alienware Alpha R2 (all the editing)

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