About my Travels

Tamie’s Travels as a website idea started life as a YouTube channel titled “Riding with Side Quest Publications.” It was, at that time, about motorcycles and only about motorcycles.

And then I hit on the idea of uploading some of my travel photos, whether the trip was taken by bike or not, and tagging those photos according to where I’d taken them.
The point to that was not “look at me, look at all the photos I’ve taken” (shoves 4,000 page album in viewer’s face); indeed, I’ve a lot to learn about photography, even as a hobbyist. Rather it was about the personal curiosity of seeing how much of a map I could fill in, combined with the willingness to let other like-minded wanderers-at-heart get some ideas for their journeys and offer ideas in return.
From there I created my Instagram feed, which was the first thing I called “Tamie’s Travels.” Much to my dismay, I’d only come up with this idea after Instagram did away with their photo maps (which was my whole reason for signing up), but since their app offers easy linking to other social media I continue to use the site.

Images, check.
Videos, check. But what about writing? What about discussions of plans, reactions, things I’ve learned or places I’d like one day to see? What about any way to use this as research for my more fictional pursuits?
And, yes, what about ways to monetize that content via my Amazon product links? (Those YouTube videos would be monetized as well, but for recent changes in their Partner Program requirements.)

And that brings us to here, a website that was meant to be an odd melding of the other two.

And then I began uploading videos of my camera mount tests, including those taken within the car, and putting together videos from trips that were not taken by motorcycle, and finally up and renamed the YouTube channel to “Tamie’s Travels” as well.