Travel Goals

Also known as: places I’d like to visit, reasons I need a better job so I can afford to visit them, and reasons to practice with the camera.
And of course other goals related to traveling.

The list is split up into three parts:

  • Places I’ve been and would like to re-visit (contains pictures I or my family have taken from previous visits)
  • Places I’ve never been (contains photos linked from other person’s social media)
  • Other goals.

May occasionally include “bucket list” type items–places I’d like to visit once just so I can say I’ve gone–but this section should focus on places I want to go for the sake of seeing that place.

And for the record, I consider myself something of a xenophile… I have a fascination for all things foreign, but I do have a stronger interest in some things, some landscapes, than others.

Places I’ve Been


North Dakota

Comic Con

House on the Rock

Place I’d like to visit





Other Travel Goals

Themed Souvenirs

Camera Options

And more to come as I track down other social media images to embed on the secondary pages 😉 and track down suitable photos of places I’ve lived pre-digital-camera.