Photo Mapping Plans

All right, if you follow me on Tumblr, Twitter, or Facebook, you’ll most likely have noticed that I’ve been (and will be) posting photos from trips I’ve taken…. to Instagram.
Many of these photos are already on Facebook (and deviantArt, for that matter), I’m simply reorganizing the way I use social media to display my travel photos.

What I’d like to do is create a map of the places I’ve visited with the geotagged photos marking relevant locations.
Easier said than done, it seems.

FaceBook Places

The “FaceBook Places” tab was perfect for this. Well, mostly perfect. Like any other option, there is bound to be some feature I must sacrifice in favor of another. Case in point, photos seem to be sorted automatically in reverse order of when I posted them (reorganizing my albums doesn’t seem to make a difference) and it always zooms in automatically on one single location… the one I’ve most recently posted to, I assume.
That being said, I could tag an individual photo or an album according to where I was when I took the photo (and tag it well after the fact, too, so no “telling complete strangers there’s nobody home” posts), and pushpins would show up on the map showing how much or how little I was willing to give away about my trips. Pushpins, not an enormous thumbnail of the photo that obscures the map.
Except now they’ve changed their system. Oh, sure, the map is still there, in the form of the “Cities” option… but it defaults to “check-ins” which provides a list of locations. I want to show the map by default, but so far I’ve yet to find out how. And I’ve yet to find out how to embed the map elsewhere… such as on this very site.

Instagram’s Photo Map

So then I found out about Instagram’s photo map feature…. just in time to find out that they’ve done away with it.
Go figure.
There is, of course, the Data Pack that allows me to do the same thing, and I’ll continue to toy with the options as I migrate my photos to Instagram. I will say, however, that I much prefer Facebook’s pushpins over seeing the actual photos spread across the map; it just seems a tad less cluttered that way.

Google Maps

The third option for me to explore is Google Maps.
Unlike Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, which all can have photos automatically pushed to them from Instagram, Google apparently requires that I upload the photos separately… no “sharing” option that I can find.
No big deal, there just remains the question of whether I can create a map from my tagged photos. And what I can do with that map once it’s created.
And at least here I can create icons based on how I want the pushpin to display (quite appropriately, I chose a camera).
My plan here is very simple: upload the photos to Google Plus, create a map, embed that map on this here website–you can find it on my home page. The plan is simple… but will it be just as simple to¬†follow that plan? Eh…. not so much, as it turns out. The map that displays whilst I’m editing (and by extension, the way the photos are displayed on it) is exactly how I like it, but it doesn’t display the same once it’s embedded.

Suggestions from the Readers?

Readers, have you had any similar experiences?
What types of photos do you like to geotag, and what is your preferred method for displaying them?