Welcome to My World

Welcome to my world and welcome to my travel blog.
I am Tamie, and I am known on quite a few sites of late as Side Quest Publications and variations on the theme.

Here you will find my writings, both migrated from other sites and brand-new content alike, offering up lessons I’ve learned on some of my trips and oddities I’ve encountered along the way, and I hope you will be able to find these things useful in your own adventures.
I will also post photos from many of these same trips. Most of these photos will be embedded from sites like Instagram (my account there is also called “Tamie’s Travels“) or from my deviantArt account Side Quest Publication, and I will make suggestions on camera equipment and anything else I find relevant to the subject.
And finally, this site will show recordings of my motorcycle rides, embedded from my YouTube channel Riding with Side Quest Publications.

Below you can find a map (via Google Maps) showcasing photos I’ve taken on some of my trips. One of my goals is to see how much I can fill in…..
(As well as find a better way to display those photos on a map. If the FaceBook map could be embedded….. But that’s a goal for another day.)